Monday, July 26, 2010

Our Very Interesting ShelbyLynn!

On ShelbyLynn's Facebook I saw a post that said "25 Random Things You May or May Not Know About Me".  I thought they were interesting, and totally blogable.

1. My first car got stolen from my driveway :(

2. I am TERRIFIED of growing up.

3. I love my hair long but have an obsession of cutting it, and i always regret it later.

4. At night I watch either George Lopez, The Nanny, or Friends when I'm going to sleep.

5. I always cut my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches diagonally.

6. When flipping through the channels, I will often stop on infomercials, especially when it's jewelry.

7. I really want my own apartment that I can decorate to my liking.

8. I work at In-N-Out :)

9. I want to go to Italy sooo bad.

10. I don't like to talk about death.

11. I make a wish at every 11:11 that I happen to see.

12. One of my biggest fears is not being able to have kids.

13. I love musicals. Watching them and being in them.

14. I take every opportunity I have to talk about the old days in high school (even though I just graduated this past year). :P

15. I'm about to enroll for my classes at MiraCosta College in about 15 minutes.

16. I really want to learn American Sign Language.

17. I love driving my car with a full tank of gas.

18. I text a lot. And, sadly, would probably be lost without my phone.

19. I love getting all dressed up.

20. I love Akon.

21. I have Graves Disease, which means I have an overactive thyroid and causes me to have a very rapid heartbeat.

22. My room is filled with pictures of me with my friends and family.

23. Ice Cream always makes me feel better.

24. I'm Mormon and I love it!

25. I love music, whether it's listening to it, singing, or playing the piano.


I love that she ended with a smiley!  Last week we found out that Shelby has Graves Disease.  It explains a lot of things that have been going on with her.  Shelby has always been pretty tiny, but lately has become even tinier (aka skinnier).  She was also saying that her hear seemed to be beating really hard and not always regularly.  Then, she fainted one day at work.  After a few tests and a bunch of lab work the doctor determined Shelby has Graves.

She seemed to take the news well, but I can tell that it hasn't been easy for her.  She was looking forward to turning 18 and taking on the world.  She can still do that, but maybe at a slightly slower pace than originally planned.  At least for now.

Getting back to the smiley, I am grateful that she ended her post with a smiley.  Even during difficult times, there is always something so smile about.  Always blessings to be counted.  Always reason to celebrate!

ShelbyLynn teaches us that every single day, and we sure do love her for it!